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Ubuntu / Debian package management notes..

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 @ 10:31 am

To manage packages in a shell, use these programs:

Set wide printing area:

export COLUMNS=128

dpkg, dpkg-query, dselect, apt-get

‘ dpkg -l ‘*’ ‘ (or dpkg –list ‘*’) is like ‘yum list’ on Fedora.

Check out
for more details..

List installed packages: dpkg -l | rpm -qa

List all available packages: dpkg -l ‘*’ | yum list

List contents of package: dpkg -L package_name | rpm -ql package_name

Find the package that installed file: dpkg -S file | rpm -qf file

Install a package: apt-get install package_name | rpm -i package_name
(or yum install package_name)

Remove a package: dpkg –purge package_name | rpm -e package_name

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