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Get list of subversion (svn) changes in a branch

Oct 08, 2013 in Subversion


svn log --stop-on-copy [--quiet] [-v] http://[path-omitted]/[directory]

Getting subversion history by date range ..

Aug 29, 2012 in Config Manage, Subversion


svn log [url] -r {2008-09-19}:{2008-09-26} | tee svnlog.log

Subversion resolve ..

Oct 12, 2011 in Subversion

From :

svn resolve --accept working -R .

Undo a commit in subversion (revert a change, restore deleted folder) ..

Dec 01, 2010 in Subversion

svn delete blah

svn commit -m done
change 2212


2 ways:

1. with a working copy:

cd blah

svn merge -c -2212

See for more details:

2. without a working copy:

svn copy -r2212 -m ‘restore’

Note that the target folder should be “above” the folder you are trying to restore.

Subversion update dry-run ..

Sep 16, 2009 in Subversion


svn merge –dry-run -r BASE:HEAD .


svn status -u

This command will not show conflicts .