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WebMethods server admin notes..

Jun 25, 2009 in WebMethods

These notes are for WebMethods v6.5

  • Admin URL
  • Set logging level
    Left panel, Settings / Logging / (top of page) / Edit Logging Settings
    Drop down in “Level of Logging” field.
  • Some important paths
    logs/, packages/, config/
    /etc/init.d/webMethods [start|stop]
  • Reset Administrator password
    – Shutdown wm server
    – cd config
    – mv users.cnf users.cnf.0
    – Restart wm server, it will create a new users.cnf file
    – Shutdown wm server
    – Edit (newly created) users.cnf file, copy the ‘passHash’ for Administrator
    – mv users.cnf users.cnf.default
    – mv users.cnf.0 users.cnf
    – Edit users.cnf, replace/paste the ‘passHash’ for Administrator, save file
    – Restart wm server
    – Should be able to log in with ‘Administrator/manage’ combination.