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PostgreSQL (postgres) quick notes..

Mar 28, 2008 in PostgreSQL

  • psql -U postgres [-d database]
  • \list : List of databases.
  • \d : show tables.
  • \d “table” (d-quotes) : show columns in table “table”.
  • \o : output to file.
  • \f [string] : set field separator.
  • \h : help.
  • \q : quit.
  • \c database : change database.
  • \i script_name : run an SQL script.
  • Queries:

  • select * from “table”; (d-quotes for table name)
  • SELECT column_name FROM information_schema.columns
    WHERE table_name =”_table_” ORDER BY ordinal_position;

Hakin9 March 2008 ..

Mar 10, 2008 in Hakin9, Security

»Pentest Labs Using LiveCDs

Thomas Wilhelm
After reading this article, you will come to know how to use and design LiveCDs for use in a Penetration Test Lab

»Best Practices for Secure Shell

Ryan W. Maple
The article presents the usage of an application called Secure Shell. It explains why SSH is the best secure tool for remote access. The paper also shows the best practices in using SSH and tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

»Cracking LDAP Salted SHA Hashes

Andres Andreu
The article will learn you how LDAP Salted SHA Hashes are structured, how to employ modern day tools to crack LDAP SSHA hashes. The author shows why LDAP SSHA hashes should be treated like clear-text data.

»Javascript Obfuscation Techniques

David Sancho , Trend Micro
A very useful paper on how to conceal javascript code and how to detect and deobfuscate code hidden by these techniques.

»Breaking in Add-on Malwares

Aditya K. Sood aka 0kn0ck
This article covers the working functionality of Malware Add-ons. It presents the practical techniques which will help to understand Malwares effectively.

»Vulnerabilities Due to Type Conversion of Integers

Davide Pozza
In this article the author presents the nature of type conversion. He explains how C’s type conversions work, how vulnerabilities can be caused by unsafe type conversions and how to review C code for such vulnerabilities. Last but not least you will get to know how to prevent them.

»Authentication and Encryption Techniques

Robert Bernier
Part II of the three-part series on Postgres. This article is to present ideas that can be used to mitigate threats presented in first part, using various authentication and encryption technologies that are available on Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems.

»Consumers Test – We Help You Choose the Most Reliable Anti Virus Program

Kevin Beaver , hakin9 team
Consumers tests on Anti Virus programs. The goal is to help the readers make a right choice when getting the software.

»Interview with Marcus J. Ranum

hakin9 team
You will have a chance to get to know Marcus Ranum’s point of view on IT security, hackers and his career.

»Self Exposure by Richard Bejtlich and Harlan Carvey

Monika Drygulska
This section is to introduce people who take part in IT Security development and reinforcement.