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Nov 05, 2009 in Engineering

– Object dependencies

– expiration policies

– object priorities

– scavenging objects (on low memory conditions, using cache item priority)

Insert(key as String, value as Object, 
  dependencies as CacheDependency, 
  absoluteExpiration as DateTime, 
  slidingExpiration as TimeSpan, 
  priority as CacheItemPriority, 
  onRemoveCallBack as CacheItemRemovedCallback) 

– From:

…. – A weak reference is a reference that does not protect the referenced object from collection by a garbage collector:

…. – Used to re-connect to an object between the time the last reference was removed and the time the GC finds the object and collects it.

– From:

…. – A weak reference is valid only during the indeterminate amount of time until the object is collected when no strong references exist.

– EHCache (Easy Hibernate Cache)

google: when, where and why use caching