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Quick Eclipse Shortcuts ..

Oct 28, 2009 in Eclipse, Uncategorized


  • — Open Type – Ctrl+Shift+T
  • — Pick part of a string – select section, press Ctrl+1
  • — Quick Outline – Ctrl+O
  • — Enable ‘Breadcrumbs Bar’ – Alt+Shift+B
  • — Code formatting – highlight, Ctrl+Shift+F
  • — Watch the ‘Overview Ruler’ for errors or warnings

From the “Workbench User Guide” ..

History Navigate > Backward (Alt+Left Arrow)

Various Functions > Ctrl+3

Editor List > Ctrl+E

Global Find/Replace > Ctrl+H

Customize, View Keys / Shortcuts > Menu / General / Keys

Find a string incrementally > Edit / Incremental Find Next (Ctlr+J)
> or Find Previous (Ctrl+Shift+J)

Go to last edit location > Navigate / Go to last edit location (Ctrl+Q)

Manipulating lines > Insert new line above (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) or below (Ctrl+Enter)
> Convert to lowercase (Ctrl+Shift+Y) or uppercase (Ctrl+Shift+X)

Quick Diff (what changed while editing) > General / Editors / Text Editors / Quick Diff (Ctrl+Shift+Q)

Next / previous navigation > next = Ctrl+. , previous = Ctrl+, (plus comma)

Word completion > Alt+/. (Ctrl+. on the Mac)

Eclipse TPTP usage notes..

Sep 30, 2008 in Eclipse

Notes on setting profiling and performance monitoring in Eclipse with TPTP – Test and Performance Tools Platform.

Java profiler, notes on tracking memory leaks..

Sep 10, 2008 in Eclipse, Java, JavaUsage

Free profiler for Eclipse .. this is no longer active.. use TPTP instead..

Notes on hunting memory leaks..

Eclipse TPTP Setup with Tomcat ..

May 10, 2007 in Eclipse, Java, Uncategorized

Good info on setting up Eclipse TPTP (Tracing and Profiling Tools Project) with Tomcat.


A good article on the Eclipse profiler

Feb 15, 2007 in Eclipse, Java

The profiler discussed is at


Note: this does not work with IBM Java since it uses JVMPI

(The Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface)