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Oracle JDBC 9i/10g problem..

Feb 23, 2007 in Database, Oracle

JProfiler indicated a memory leak in the Oracle JDBC 9.0.x.3 package at TTCItem.

We replaced the 9i JDBC package with the 10g version and we started getting $B!HClassCastException$B!I on Timestamp to Date conversions. It turns out the Oracle JDBC 10g package has an option to treat this issue as a version 8 backwards compatibility by doing one of two things:

– Set system property props.put(oracle.jdbc.V8Compatible, true);


– Start Tomcat with cli option -Doracle.jdbc.V8Compatible=true

Hakin9 Starterkit Feb 2007 ..

Feb 22, 2007 in Hakin9, Security

Hakin9 Feb 2007

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A good article on the Eclipse profiler

Feb 15, 2007 in Eclipse, Java

The profiler discussed is at


Note: this does not work with IBM Java since it uses JVMPI

(The Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface)

IBM Java garbage collection analysis..

Feb 13, 2007 in Java

IBM Java garbage collection is enabled via CLI option
-Xverbosegclog:<filename> .

To interpret the log, use the IBM Pattern Modeling and
Analysis Tool for Java Garbage Collector (PMAT) .

PMAT is located at