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Java 6 Troubleshooting Tools ..

Jan 30, 2007 in Java


  • Monitoring Tools
  • Debugging Tools
    • HPROF profiler

      To invoke the HPROF tool: java -agentlib:hprof ToBeProfiledClass

      To print the complete list of options: java -agentlib:hprof=help

    • jdb
    • jhat
    • jinfo

      * Print command line flags and system properties for a running process,
      from a core file, or for a remote debug server.

    • jmap

      * Print shared object mappings for a process, a core file, or a remote debug server.

    • jsadebugd

      Serviceability Agent Debug Daemon, which acts as debug server.

    • jstack

      * Print stack traces of threads for a process, core file, or remote debug server