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Hakin9 Jan 2005 ..

Jan 04, 2005 in Hakin9, Security


  • Expose an Email Sender
  • Email header analysis

  • Safe Storage of Confidential Data under GNU/Linux
  • Encrypting with gpg: files, directories, file systems

  • Cisco IOS from an Attacker’s POV
  • Vulnerabilities via web admin, tftp, snmp, denial of service

    Tools: Cain and Abel, Hydra, Cisco Crack, Brutus, hping2

  • Internal Penetration Tests
  • tcpdump, nmap, nessus

  • Analysis of Suspicious Programs
  • Program info tools: PEiD, FileInfo.
    Disassemblers: IDA (commercial –

  • Reverse Engineering ELF Executables in Forensic Analysis
  • ELF = Executable and Linking Format

    Tools: binutils: ar, nm, objdump, strings, ht, file

  • Port Scanning – an Admin’s POV
  • Tools: telnet, sendip, nmap, pkdump, lestat, portsentry, PSAD

  • Tools
    • h9.DiskShredder – lite version on Hakin9 Live CD
    • Note: secure file remove: srm

    • netwox and netwag (GUI to netwox) – See Hakin9 Live CD
    • Network diagnostics: TCP, ping, sniff, tcpdump, IRC client.

    • sniffit
    • Simple packet sniffer – intercept APOP, POP3, CRAM-MD4 (clear text), traffic.

    • iptraf
    • Traffic analyzer, sort by transfer sizes, filters.

  • Web resources
  • – security advisories, info – linux tools, info – attacks