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Interface vs Abstract Class ..

Apr 23, 2009 in Engineering, Java, JavaUsage, Software

  • — Inheritance from anything (including abstract)
    should be a function of the business model.
  • — If a class does not _really_ inherit from
    an abstract, one should not use it.
  • — Use interface to avoid the problem of multiple
  • — Use interface to improve modularity.. if one
    uses an abstract class and the class changes,
    it may break subclasses.
    (not method signatures but logic/code.. changing
    method signatures is a problem for both abstract
    and interface)
  • — Use interfaces when some part of the design
    will change frequently.
  • — Interface for plug-in architectures – like
    the strategy pattern.
  • — Use abstract class to provide basic services
    for derived classes (event, message handling)
  • — In favor of abstract class:
    • — interfaces may be more difficult to read in
      code logic.
    • — interfaces are somewhat slower due to