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Eclipse UML2 Tools notes..

Jul 01, 2009 in UML, Uncategorized

Great introductory article on Eclipse UML Tools

Table of Contents

1. UML

    1.1. Overview
    1.2. Definition
    1.3. UML Profiles

2. Installation of Eclipse UML2 Tools
3. Eclipse UML2 Tools

    3.1. Creating UML Diagrams
    3.2. Multiplicity
    3.3. Interfaces
    3.4. Viewing the .uml file

4. Thank you
5. Questions and Discussion
6. Appendix: Class diagrams

    6.1. Overview
    6.2. Classes
    6.3. Attributes
    6.4. Interfaces
    6.5. Relationships

7. Appendix: Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)

    7.1. Overview
    7.2. Platform Independent Model (PIM)
    7.3. Platform Specific Model (PSM)
    7.4. Code Mode

8. Links and Literature

For reverse engineering, see “MoDisco” (Model Discovery)

For building UML models from legacy packages, here are some

- the first one builds a Java Abstract Syntax model (based on the JDT Java API) from a Java 
compilation unit, this Java model may be then transformed into a UML2 model using an ATL 
model-to-model transformation (;
- the second one builds a UML2 model from a Jar file.