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Basic Weblogic 10.3 installation and configuration notes ..

Mar 26, 2010 in Server, Web, Weblogic

— After installing the server, run the configuration and setup the “base_domain”.

— The “base_domain” directory is parallel to the “wlserver_10.3” directory.
IOW: If the root path to the installation directory is “/Oracle/mw”, the “wlserver_10.3” is here:


and “base_domain” is here:


The “base_domain/bin” (and the other domains) directory contains scripts:

— If you cannot log into the administration console, change this file:


from this (like this..):


to this:


(or whatever user/password you wish)

and restart the server. If you cannot stop the server, do a “kill -1 pid” with the server “pid”.

— I find the weblogic app structure confusing..
I am sure that there is a good reason for this
and I just do not know it but it is still confusing..

There are


and there are


Just be aware ..

Find broken symlinks in Linux ..

Mar 24, 2010 in Linux

From ..

for lx in `find . -type l`
  if [ ! -e $lx ]
    echo $lx

Basic NIS / yp Client Configuration ..

Mar 22, 2010 in Linux, Network

NIS = Network Information Service, YP = Yellow Pages

1. Add domain to file /etc/sysconfig/network


2. Add IP to NIS server to /etc/yp.conf file

domain mydomain server

3. Start it

/etc/init.d/ypbind start

List disk storage devices info in Linux..

Mar 18, 2010 in Linux


parted -l


fdisk -l

wget usage example..

Mar 03, 2010 in Linux, Network, Web

wget –recursive -x -l 0 -e robots=off –wait 1 \
-U Mozilla –no-parent –user=user –password=password \