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Upgrade / Install VEGAn Gingerbread on Viewsonic gtablet

Nov 02, 2011 in Android, Google

— This site is VERY useful :

— Rooting (rooted android) with ClockworkMod info here:

and here:

— The installation of ClockworkMod from sdcard did not work.

When I booted the tablet in recovery mode, it was stuck at 3 parrots.

— The next 2 steps (NVFlash and ROM installation) require a Windows driver to be
installed (from On Windows 7 (Windows7, Win7) the Device panel
looks like this:

APX USB Driver

— Installed NVFlash, followed the info here:

— Than, I tried to install the ROM with info from here:

Using this download .. (107300001 bytes)

From here:

When I ran the install from cwm, I got this error:

>> assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device) == “harmony” || getprop(“”)

I found this comment, applied the fix to the script and re-zipped the folder..

>> I just extracted the META-INFO/com/google/updater-script, removed the first two lines, and replaced it. Then it installed correctly.

Well, the comment above was not exactly right.. it installed without
an error but it never booted.. was stuck at 3 parrots..

— I revisited the page and noticed a 7.1 — with the assert fixed! (111426199)

From here:

(Easy to miss on the page.. search the page for “Direct Download for BOOTLOADER” ..)

— Installed it and it works great!

Google Maps API info

Aug 12, 2011 in Android, Google

API docs:

Get a key from MD5 debug app signing certificate:

Steps ..

— Get maps key

— Get example, HelloMapView

— Get Google Add-ons via the Eclipse Windows / Android SDK and ADB Manager

More detailed Example

Android info resources ..

May 26, 2011 in Android, Google