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Microsoft Installer related problem..

Apr 30, 2007 in Microsoft, Windows

A friend of mine had a problem with a program trying to install continuously. Coupled with this, the .Net 1.1 framework seemed to have a few corrupted DLLs.

When I tried to uninstall .Net, I would get this error:

Another installation is already in progress

Info on the net pointed to the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility (msicuu) available here

After unzipping the package, I used the MsiZapU.exe program from the command line with the “P” option. This removed all “pending” installations. The command looked like this:

C:\Software\msicuu2>MsiZapU.exe P
MsiZapInfo: Performing operations for user
Searching for the Windows Installer InProgress key. . .

A very helpful blog pointed me to another utility used to clean up .Net installations. The blog is here

The utility is in a zip named and it can be found here

(or search for it.. it seems to appear in a few places..)